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NicolexCaba 10 mons ago
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Hola! And welcome to the private beta community for Avvinue. It's such an exciting moment for me (and the Avvinue family) to have you join us in this beta launch. So to kick things off, let's get to know each other! I'll start off...

My Intro: I'm Nicole, the Founder & CEO of Avvinue. 👋 I'm a Dominican-American (proud Latina here!!) living in beautiful Lyon, France. I launched Avvinue because out of the 17+ moves I've done over the course of my 30 years of life, I spent too many hours planning and still felt stressed throughout the process. So that's what inspired me to launch the Avvinue moving checklist app to help anyone on their moving journey -- whether down the block or around the world. Excited to meet you. Oh, and you can connect with me on Twitter too!

That's just a bit about me, but now it's your turn!

Please share a brief intro and where you've lived or are planning to move next. 📦

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