App suggestions

After spending about 20 minutes on the app, I found the interface quiet neat. I also managed to get what the app is about after navigating around for a bit.

I suggest the following improvements if I may :)

  1. 1 minute video description of the different parts of the app. Nothing makes a better impression to a new user when they are exploring the app for the first time.

  2. Ideally make the checklist content restricted to the destination country chosen by the user in the first screen. Seeing recommendations about other countries whereas the user picked a specific country in the first place wouldn’t give the best impression in my opinion.

  3. When redirected to a specific task page, having a video (ideally tailored to the destination country) in addition to text would be great if possible (I’m aware this means a lot of work :)

  4. I noticed getting the visa/paperwork task was classified 3 months ahead of travel. This does not apply to Express Entry Canada where the whole process could take up to a year. So again maybe add more questions depending on where the user plans to travel and tailor content for their specific need.

  5. Recommending specific Immigration lawyers would be a great addition to keep Avvinue users safe from fraudsters.

  6. In addition to lawyers ideally provide self documentation materials for users who are on a tight budget (can not afford a lawyer) or maybe would just rather carry on with the process by themselves following a trusted source (Avvinue). Again if possible videos would be a great way to go here.

I hope this helps!

AhmedLayouni Posted 3 months ago

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