What's Next? Phase II Roadmap

Hey beta testers! We're now 2 weeks into the beta test of the mobile app, where we've been able to capture any bugs, feedback and awesome suggestions. Now the question that comes up is... what next?

Well, we have been mapping out our roadmap for a bit based on the feedback, and want to share that with you:

  1. We're making enhancements to the checklist to make sure it captures the great features you're looking for:

    • improved onboarding screens

    • quick walk-through of the main features

    • copy/paste and add attachments to tasks

    • invite others to the journey & assign tasks to them (YES!!)

  2. We're adding the ability to book services from vetted moving/relocation professionals (ex. immigration lawyer, translations, taxes, shipping and movers) to make it easier for people to plan their move in one place... which leads me to the last point.

  3. We're not just focusing on mobile! The app will also be visible on a web version, so you can quickly navigate from your phone to your computer without missing a beat!

But we're not doing this alone. That's why we've invited you to join as a beta tester, to be part of our journey so that we can all experience a better moving experience.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this high-level roadmap and answer any questions you might have. So, ask away! :)

NicolexCaba Posted 3 months ago

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