Exclusive Prototype Preview (v1.5)

Hey beta testers!

We're so excited to reveal the designs of our v1.5 that incorporates the great feedback you've been sharing over the past few weeks. It's incredible what some user interviews can do for the app and how, together, we can make an app that'll be helpful for so many people.

In this video, you'll see the designs that incorporate these features/functionality:

  • Improved & more personalized onboarding

  • Search tasks

  • Create subtasks

  • Assign tasks

  • Sync to calendar

  • Enhanced "view only" task screen

  • Filter tasks

Would love to hear your feedback on this new design, as we wanted to capture as much of the feedback to begin development for V1.5.

Excited to hear your thoughts.

NicolexCaba Posted 2 months ago

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